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MIC has two main steams of service: IT CONSULTING and APPLICATION SOFTWARE PACKAGES.


  • IT/Computerized Strategy
  • System Diagnosis
  • Requirement Analysis & Design
  • Hardware and Software Selection
  • System Development
  • System Implementation
  • System Documentation
  • Disaster and Recovery Plan


From our deep experience in IT consulting and understanding characters of business for years, MIC have created software packages that suit various operations from small to large company. Each package is designed individually to serve all users, activities, and requirements of the business.

From the manager

"This is a good choice for any companies that would like to improve their business performance and want to start with "computer automation aid for business" and get ahead of opponents."


V-mass/E : Vehicle Maintenance and Services Systems (Enterprise version). The ultimate services software for comprehensive operation, that help management to improve and control their operations. Fully integrated functions, include Dealer Sales, CRM, and Finacial - General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. Can be implemented in 1 month, with standard feature. Run on windows 9X/XP/NT or 2000 with database MS-SQL or ORACLE.

V-mass : Vehicle Maintenance and Services Systems. The services software package that help owner to control their operations. Fully integrated functionsof services jobs. Ease of use, just open customer, open job, take parts for job, close job, and receive cash by cashier. Also automatic record customer history for future tracking. No experience, no modification require. Run on windows 9X/XP/NT or 2000 with database MS-ACCESS (for standalone) or MS-SQL.

AMS : Assets Management Systems. The software that provide all functions to manage your valuable assets; Register, DP Calculation, Tracking, Searching, Easy Assets Moving with History, Automatic Tag Printing with Barcode, Physical Count, and NBV Simulation. Vary of inquiries and reports for management, accounting and auditor. Process on windows 9X/XP/NT or 2000 with database MS-ACCESS (for standalone) or ORACLE or MS-SQL

@SAT : Software Application for Trading Business. The fully intrgrated functions software for trading business. Include of module Inventory Management, Customer Management, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Sales Management, and more. Develop by the technology of client/server, with features of multi-company and consolidation. Run on windows 9X/XP/NT or 2000 with database MS-ACCESS or ORACLE or MS-SQL

P-ventive : Preventive maintenance Systems. Software for professional mechanic or enginerring staff to manage and maintain your machines. Starting from register your machine, identify the preventive task, set the preventive schedule, describe the detail on how-to operation, and assign the machanic. Rest of the process will be handle by P-ventive software, such as auto generate the preventive jobs, keep preventive history, plan preventive schedule, stock control for preventive job, and more. Processs on windows 9X/XP/NT or 2000 with database MS-ACCESS (for standalone) or ORACLE or MS-SQL

SECBIS : Securities Back office Integrated Systems. The powerful software for securities business firms. Fully integrated functions from Customer Information, Securities Information, Trading records, Margin Calculation, Accounts Receivable, Cheque Printing, and etc.. Provides vary of inquiries and reports for management and end users. Run on IBM AS/400. Developed by RPG400 on DB400


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