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Information Technology (IT), a technical know-how, is nowadays vital and becoming a part of every business operations. Because, as every business person known, successful implementation of IT helps them do better operating their business/affair, save time and resources, and increase their productivity. In most organizations whether private or public sections, management spend a lot of time, money, and energy to explore the appropriate IT solution for their organization both short and long term. In addition, installation and implementation various IT hardware and software are complicated tasks for the management. Also without well IT planning, the use of technology can be troublesome and cause an organization huge money in long term. These lead to the need for IT expertise to manage and provide the services to assist them in their workplace. Many questions raised by these management when they require to implement IT solution in their offices are :   
  • What a project/application does they really want to implement?
  • When a project/application is implemented?
  • How much does a project/application cost?
  • How long to implement a project/application?
  • What hardware and software are suitable for the organization?
  • How many people involve? How to educate staff?
  • How to maintain the project and those staff after completion the implementation? 
  • What to upgrade those hardware and software?
  • What? When? Where? How? Why?   

The above questions will be solved by IT outsourcing as IT consultant who experts to manage and provide the effective solution for any organization.

MIC is your solution.


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